Though writing about myself is certainly not something that I am good at, I will give it my best shot. I promise; isn't that what our netas say while addressing public rallies and gatherings before the elections ;-)

I am Varun Nayak, a software professional working for a software firm in Bengaluru. Though I hail from coastal Karnataka, I have spent a decade each in Mumbai and Goa. Since I was 15, I have been interested in Indian politics, a passion that I have inherited from my father and elder brother. While I do love coding, I make sure that I find time to watch and read news relating to the topic everday.

Other hobbies that keep me engaged include blogging, reading books on Indian history and wildlife, travelling and photography.


Raajaniti is my second blog that is dedicated to Indian politics. In this, I would put up posts relating to the recent development in the political spectrum with a special focus on campaigning and elections which according to me is the crowning glory of democracy.

You can find my previous posts on Indian politics here (Link).

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